The Gadzuric Foundation

Our History

The Gadzuric Foundation was created in 2009. Our mission is to eliminate negative barriers affecting youth and their families, replacing these obstacles by fostering self esteem with positive experiences that build autonomy, enhancing the community. 

Throughout the years we have partnered with various organizations to assist them in reaching their goals, always serving our community. We have organized various food, clothing and book drives to distribute to neighborhood shelters and community centers. We have aided in hurricane and natural disaster relief in Mexico and Puerto Rico. We wish to continue identifying the needs of the underserved and create a positive impact on our community. 

Cinderella Project MKE

The Cinderella Project MKE has been our annual event since our organization's inception. We have helped send over 1000 girls to prom! Prom is an important time for any high school student. We aim to help alleviate some of the costs by providing a free prom dress to deserving young ladies in the community. Our goal is to instill self confidence and self worth with our workshops which we hope will lead to good decision making during this important time in their life.

board of directors

Michelle Hinton


Executive Director of United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee. 

DJ Hines


Chief Operations Officer for Christian Faith Fellowship Church. Founder of WeGiveMKE. 

Romke de Haan


Founder of Milwaukeeans Against Hate. Strategy and Growth for Incendiary. 


Lisette Franco


Founder and President

Gadzuric Foundation